Monday, February 20, 2012

I HATE trash!!!

I grew up watching Sesame Street on television in the 1970s and what they taught me is only Oscar the Grouch likes trash.

Today's fishing we needed to do some catching.  Dan is having surgery on his hand tomorrow and won't be able to turn his reel handle for a few weeks.  With this fact in mind we started out fishing the tride-and-true discharge.

The walk across the river was easier today.  The ice-chunks weren't there this week but the river was cold and seemed to be pushing harder on our legs.  Maybe I'm just not in top river shape yet.  Once we crossed we followed a path to our ultimate goal; the discharge.

Now I know this isn't a "secret spot" that no-one knows about.  The river is available to everyone and as such we get some good anglers and some that make us all look bad.

We walked past the frozen bodies of a Drum, Carp, and a Shad.  All tossed up on land like garbage.  And speaking of tossing garbage this is what we found at the spot.  

Dan condensed it for the photo.  It was strewn about all around the TINY bit of dry land you can stand on.  

The highlights from the pile included:

  • One box from Triline (I guess dude didn't bring a rod with line on it)
  • One blue-tub formerly full of nightcrawlers
  • One empty bag from some assorted snack food
  • One empty bottle Gatorade sport drink (to replenish fluids after battling the monster Shad)
  • One empty bottle Naked fruit drink (because he cares about what he puts in his body)
  • An empty package of Lindy Rigs 
  • An empty tag from fish-grabbing gloves
  • And a few pieces of other debris 
I stopped being grumbly about the trash after I hooked into a big carp.  His drag pulling runs brought my mind back to why I was there in the first place.  I released mine unharmed back to the river.

After a few hours we left.  I carried out the trash.  I know I can't stay upset but I can choose act positively.

The river let me clean off the skunk for the day.  The least I could do is clean up the river in a small way.  Karmic payback for a good season of wading to come.