Sunday, May 27, 2012

Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em!

I went out with my friend DaveO today.  We generally hit a pond or two in the time he has available then get him home to his family.  Often I'll keep fishing trying other ponds and working on working with a lure I am learning or one I'm learning to love.  I'm learning to love Big Hammer Swimbaits as trailers to swimjigs.

In spite of the heat Dave and I each managed two bass total, for two ponds fished.  Technically I got three since I did touch my bass that spit the jig back at me on the shore's edge.  I figured it was fine that I got him as close as I did and lipping him would have been unnecessary.  I gave him a push back toward the water and he flipped and swam back to the bottom of the pond.

After dropping Dave off at home I stopped and had a bite to eat.  It was noon and 97 degrees and sunny.  I had to wrack my brain for spots I could fish but where I could also sit in the shade.  I decided to to to a gill pond I know about and try out my new 7'6" Bass Pro $20 ultralight.  They still have some left and at $20 it's a nice rod and an OK reel.

I had fun catching gills and I got some beautiful ones but I had something pulling at my insides.  I needed, I needed to Hammer some more.  I needed to Hammer some more bass!

Off to a different pond where I know there to be biggies.  I parked and worked the sides of the pond I can walk without homeowner involvement.  Once I rounded the corner I sailed my Big Hammer parallel to shore and settled into the thump-ba-dump-ba-dump-ba-dump I feel through my rod and line when the tail of the Hammer is moving back and forth and making that lateral-line stimulating thud, thud, thud.  My making up words for the tail movement on the Big Hammer swimbait was interrupted by a WHAP!  I set the hook, reeled in, then boat-lifted this beauty who flat out wouldn't let me lip her.

The length from the butt-cap on my rod to the second wrap for the hook keeper is 17.5".  Not a bad bass.  That got my need to Hammer out of the way for today.  I picked this lovely up and eased her into the water then eased myself into my Subaru.  A good time was had by me, my new ultralight, and my Big Hammer.