Monday, July 23, 2012

Wading With Friends

I needed some time to decompress a bit.  I just got over a viral infection that I'm happy to report to the CDC lasted about the five days they estimated.  That left time after my pre-divorce house duties were complete for wading with friends.

The time we started out is playfully referred to as o-dark-30.  We took our first steps in the creek early and I wondered how long we'd wade before we caught fish.  It didn't take long but I didn't catch the big smallmouth I was hoping for.

Instead I caught a VERY small largemouth.  Hey, it counts so it got a picture.  Some more little largies were caught before we found where the bluegills were camped out along a rocky shore.

I moved down the wall to see if I could score the first smallmouth of the day.  I didn't but I got a big rock bass.

I released it post-picture but had to pause my readying of my own line to run over and play photographer for Jason's first smallie of the day and the most impressive (taped at 15.25") bronzie we would have the pleasure of hooking into.

The fish was thick, healthy, and downright gorgeous.  I do love smallies!
In short order Dave got his first smallmouth, and then another

The second fish was a much better fish but a picture had to be captured of the first smallmouth bass to end up on Dave's hook.

More smallies were caught and released.  Jason has had the pleasure of feeling the smallmouth bass wiggle and tug at the end of his line but Dave got his first taste of it today.  He agreed that they do fight harder and longer than their large mouthed cousins.  Now he's in for it; they're like potato-chips you know. ;-)