Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pond Catfishing

I haven't written much here as my life hasn't been all about fishing this year.  To be fair this year has been really strange for fishing.  The weather stays too cold, gets too hot, it rains too much dropping the temperature of the ponds and lakes but raising the level and flow of the rivers and creeks.

I did build a spiral-wrapped casting rod to replace the one I broke lifting a 2.5# bass out of the water and into my boat.  I have the parts to build a Micro-Wave spinning rod to replace the rod that was pulled from the boat attached to what I can only assume was a sizable blue catfish.  

It was with Catfishing in mind that Pondboy called and I accepted.  I headed over to pick him up and drive to a small pond we had been wanting to catfish.

Here I will link to the article on where Pondboy gets to tell the story of his Catch of the Day channel catfish.