Sunday, August 17, 2014

My First Two Frog Fish!

Why didn't anybody tell me how electrifying, how adrenaline pumping, how downright addicting frog fishing is?  To be fair I have watched videos and seen the blowups where the bass just wants to wallop the frog into oblivion and it sure did look exciting but it's another thing entirely when it happens right when you think your frog lure should be in just the right spot...BLAM!!!!

She choked it!!

Her length and girth calculated to a tiny bit over 4#.  What I know is the adrenaline I had running through my veins had me giddy and excited.  I released this beauty, fixed my Koppers Live Target Hollow Body Frog and tried to make lightning strike twice.  It did!

She measured 4.33# on my Boga Grip and sealed the deal for me.  I have to build a frog-rod!  This is just too exciting a way to fish to not do it right!  Speaking of doing it right I wouldn't have landed the second fish if it wasn't for having the right line.  

I was throwing on my 7' MH casting rod with a Lew's Speed Spool 7.1x1 spooled with 30# Power Pro Slick braid joined by a Uni-to-Uni knot to 15# Seaguar Red Label Fluorocarbon. The fluoro probably isn't necessary for frogging but since I'm using my all around MH fast-tip casting rod I tie the leader on so I can throw swimbaits or cranks.

I have had these frog lures sitting in my tackle box for a few years.  I threw them a few times but never in the right conditions or with the correct level of patience to not jerk the frog at the first sign of the bass breaking the surface.  And bass DO break the surface.  They rocket up with the intention to slam the frog, stun it, and swallow it before it knew what hit it.  So I let them, I painfully waited for the bass to smash the frog, waited for the swell of water to recede, and waited to feel the weight of the bass before I crossed their eyes.

It's addictive!!  Will I do it again?  Absolutely!!!