Monday, March 12, 2012

The Pipe-Bite

Spring showers bring Mayflowers but they bring something else too....

They bring warm water to warm up cold lakes, rivers, and ponds.  They also call fish in retention ponds to the dinner table!

Your mission, should you chose to except it is to get yourself out to a pond with storm drainage running off into it via big cement pipes.   Before you approach the pipe be sure to rig up your rod with a good EWG hook and a Texas-Rigged plastic. (critter, worm, craw, beaver-tail...doesn't usually matter much)

Cast your plastic bait in front of the pipe and be ready for a quick hook set.  

Bass will often pile up in front of pipes to take advantage of the current bringing edible bits to them and that competition helps your bait get bit!

Do be careful however!!  When there is rain around you want to be sure there is no lightning in the sky.  Assuming you are the proud owner of a graphite-based rod as most of us are you need to be aware you are holding a lightning rod!
Tight lines my fishing friends!