Monday, April 16, 2012

ZAP Spinnerbait Bassin'

Last year I was given a ZAP Spinnerbait from DuPage Angler co-founder Patrick AKA: Toadfish at a DA Event I was out fishing at.  I was to take the spinner and try it out, noting the fish it caught and report back.  Well, it ended up in my tackle behemoth and I forgot about it until I got an email from Pat asking if I could have a write up soon.  I went out the next day and fished two ponds with the spinner and ended up catching 30+ fish.

Flash forward to yesterday:  It was a windy day post-rain and the pipe-bite was on but DaveO and I ended up fishing a pond as we had little time to run-and-gun fish after cleaning up and sanitizing our beer equipment all morning.  I knew with the overcast skies but the strong winds that finesse fishing was out of the question and this pond has lots of wispy weeds so crank bait fishing was out too.  Enter the venerable spinnerbait.

I recently got a small bag to complement my fishing setup and take some pressure off the straps on my tackle behemoth.  I transferred lures and baits I'd likely use when out bass fishing and put them in cute little bag.
Knowing the sun wasn't out much a flashy blade wouldn't be as important on a spinner as a blade that thumps and gets the bass' lateral line stimulated to track down dinner.  I showed DaveO the selection of spinnerbaits and he gravitated toward the ZAP.  It turned out to be an excellent choice!  I give to you a sampling of DaveO's fish caught on the ZAP spinner bait with the hammered copper Colorado blade in a single pond, on a single afternoon, one spinnerbait got over a dozen bass to say: Spinnerbait...that's what's for dinner!

One of my two on two different Strike-King spinners.  I need to order some ZAPs!
So if you're looking for spinnerbaits that will perform well beyond your expectations in terms of design quality and fish catching ability look no further than ZAP Lures and tell Dennis that you heard about his quality spinners from the fine folks at