Sunday, January 29, 2012

DuPage Angler Ice Clinic with Pondboy

It's no secret that I fish a lot with my friend Dan aka Pondboy.  He knows me well enough to just have me try something knowing I'll like it.  Ice fishing is no exception.  The first day the ice was thick enough to get out on it this year he called, I went, and of course I enjoyed it.

Yesterday Dan organized a DuPage Angler Ice Fishing Clinic and had a eight people total out walking on the lake and fishing.  It was a great day for trying something new and at least one attendee is hooked.

I'd write up my thoughts but Pondboy did a good job of that so I'll direct you to his blog for the description and post pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Pondboy's Angling Experience - DuPage Angler Ice Fishing Clinic

Checking out the Ice

MWolf's first fish through the ice and the clinic's first catch.

From Left to Right Wacky Bass, Fluke, and Steelie Pete on the lake

BrimReaper standing and jigging

MWolf working the jigging and watching the spring bobber

SteeliePete baits his jig as others fish in the background

Touchdown? ;-)

Yeah, I'm jigging on a bucket

Pondboy gets a nice crappie inside the shelter

I got a nice bluegilll

Dan got a nice bluegill

I set up my underwater fish camera and saw a largemouth bass.  Of course Dan catches it

Dan with another nice crappie

BrimReaper with a nice crappie

MWolf jigging outside

MWolf and Dan's shelter