Saturday, February 11, 2012

COLD....8 degrees Fahrenheit on the Fox

Plans were made to wade today earlier in the week.  Earlier in the week it was 40-50 degrees and downright warm by comparison.  Today the Fox River was cold!  Very cold!

We had to break through a crust of ice to get to wadeable river.

There were ice chunks floating in the river; little mini-icebergs that lightly bumped into our legs as we waded across.

It was impossible to float fish with all the ice so all our time was spent on the discharge pipe.  Did I mention it was cold?  It will be a recurring theme in this post I'm sure.


Very cold.

The bite at the discharge was as effected by the cold as we were.  Nothing was biting.  Fish were nudging bait but not committing.  Finally after what in the cold seemed like forever my bobber went down and up came a Pumpkinseed.

The bite stayed slow.  The second and last fish for the day was a bit bigger.  It sure was cold.