Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Panfish

Just a quick post to say I got an ultra light rod on clearance and paired it up with a nice reel and now I can have more enjoyment catching smaller fish.  

So I'm out running an errand.  I get dog food in Wheaton at the Natural Pet Market which happens to be right across 56 from Rice Lake; a spot where DuPage Angler had held a contest.  I remembered after not catching any bass I joined WackyBass in catching green sunfish by a big drainage duct.  I figured that the drainage duct was going to be free of ice and those sunfish would be there and be hungry.  I was wrong.  The water was open but not very and no sunfish.

I walked to a high point and saw only one other area that was open so I fished it too.  Nada at Danda! Not to be deterred I checked a few more ponds I know of until I found one that had enough open water to fish.  

I was already rigged up like I would be for drifting on my ultra light with one exception.  I had a Rat Finkee glowing ice jig as my hook.  I tipped the hook with some of the last of my waxies and caught some blue gills.  Not bad for a quick stop while out.

Bluegills on an ultra light!

Ate the Fink!

Fat Belly.  I need to learn how to tell fish gender.  It may be eggs.

Very Pretty Color on this one. Too bad it's out of focus.