Thursday, May 10, 2012

Post 1/3 - Ultralight Fishing for Bluegills

I've been trying to combine all my media from the new tool I purchased (a SWANN FreeStyle HD) last week.

Instead of blathering on about what I used and how I fished I'll put the video up here and let you see what I used and how I fished and then I'll have more time to edit video and pics for the other posts I have to do about my fishing from this past Sunday 5/6/12.

Just a note, the Avid Studio software I am learning how to use didn't make it obvious that this would be named "My Movie".  Suffice to say I'll learn how to change that for the next video I create for this blog.

Enjoy the slip-bobber fishing and my humorous sounds, noises, and things I say when I'm fishing and talking to the gills.