Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ultralight Bass Battle

So I get a call from Pondboy:  "How soon can you get here?"

Seven PM on the nose I enter Pondboy's garage, then go ring the front door bell because I don't think he figured I could make it on time.  (sometimes I have that problem #honestadmission)

We each pick one of our ultralights.  We each tie on a 1/16 oz 1/0 Cabella's round head jig then pick a grub.

Dan selects the Producto Spring Grub in Pearl White.  My go to bait for river smallmouth.  So, shall I join him in the Pearl White?  NO...I select the grub I haven't caught fish on, the Producto Spring Grub in Black.

We walk to a pond near his house that has small to 2# largemouth bass and the Ultralight Bass Battle is set to begin!

The action was hot and heavy....catching bass was that much more fun on ultralight tackle.
 Things were starting to get lopsided and a bit wacky.  Wacky was part of the fun but lopsided meant my black Spring Grub was attracting more hits and getting more fish to inhale it.

Dan gets big-bass of the night for this one, the last one we caught before heading back to cars and houses. 

Final score Pearl White Grub - 3 bass landed  Black Grub - 7 bass landed.


To be fair Dan got as many hits on his grub as I did.  Producto designed a heck of a grub with plenty of action and a crazy fluid tail.  One of two factors could effect the outcome; I used a new jig-head so my hook was fresh, Dan didn't.  Second my rod was strung with 6# test so I was free to give a harder hookset, Dan had 2# ice line on his reel and as a result was able to hook and pull the fish to shore but a large percentage of those fish shook their head and threw the grub inches from shore.

Stay tuned to this blog for the next ULTRALIGHT BASS BATTLE!!!