Sunday, May 13, 2012

Post 3/3 Walking Rip-Rap lake edge with a Big Hammer

In the last post I had just met up with Pondboy.  I grabbed my gear and followed him to a spot he likes to fish.

Simple ultralight spinning gear is used to cast the same Cubby Mini Mite jigs I was floating under a slip float.  The technique we used was cast and let the light jig sink then reel, reel, reel, pause, reel reel reel, pause.  Repeat until your jig gets close to the shore or until you start your reeling up again and the line feels heavy.  Simply raise the rod tip to set the hook and reel in the crappie.

It was getting cold so we jumped into my car and Dan took me to another lake he's been walking for bass with a rip-rap edge.  A stop at his house for a more appropriate rod with a spinner bait tied on and a hoodie gave me time to tie a Big Hammer swimbait on a light Strike King KVD Bluegill color swim-jig to my spinning rod.  A quick drive later and we were fishing.

I limited the hat cam footage to show my first Big Hammer bass nailing the lure and the solid hook set right in the top lip shows this bass REALLY wanted to eat this swimbait!  Enjoy some gratuitous fish we caught in the photos at the end of the video.  Dan had me 4-2 for the night including a big crappie and a nice chunk of a bass on his spinner.